ScanFish Rocio

Multi-purpose ROTV for oceanographic surveys

A multi-platform covering all your needs
… through its ability to fit numerous types of survey equipment

Easily adjusted operation pattern
… through the combination of three different operation modes

Profiling of the entire water column
… through the possibility of choosing an adjustable V-curved undulation path

Monitoring and complete control
… through the user-friendly ScanFish III Flight software

A long service life
… through quality material and easily replaceable wear parts

Reduced risk of damages
… through robust design and an intelligent anti-collision feature

Continuous acquisition of high-quality data via three different operation modes.

The ScanFish Rocio is a multi-purpose ROTV solution covering a wide variety of oceanographic survey disciplines.

It has a high payload, allowing you to fit several different pieces of equipment. In other words, this versatile platform will meet your specific needs and streamline your survey operations, saving you time and money by combining all survey tasks in one flexible solution.

Spend your time wisely

The ScanFish Rocio permits underway acquisition and continuous processing of real-time, data.

You will not have to make the stops that stationary profiling systems require and several data acquisitions are combined in one deployment. Consequently, you will be able to spend your time at sea more efficiently to the benefit of the survey results.

Adaptable operation pattern

The ROTV has three operation modes and an intelligent anti-collision feature. Its pattern is therefore easily adjusted to ensure well-founded results of the survey task at hand.

The undulation operation mode allows for profiling of the water column in a V-curved path at a steady velocity and thus even data acquisition.

Adding to this the possibility of enabling either terrain-following or fixed depth mode, you are in complete control of the position of the vehicle and can at all times adjust it to fit your needs.