ScanFish Tropheus

High-speed ROTV for UXO operations

Optimal side-scan sonar positioning
… through an intelligent ROTV functioning as depressor

Accurate real-time data
… through continuous data acquisition close to the seabed

Efficient operations that do not forgo safety
… through the possibility of using an unmanned vessel to tow the ROTV

Monitoring and complete control of the vehicle
… through the user-friendly ScanFish III Flight software

A long service life
… through quality materials

Reduced risk of the ROTV suffering damages
… through robust design and a storage cradle

Detailed and safe mapping of potential UXO areas

The ScanFish Tropheus is an ROTV especially designed for UXO detection that eliminates data uncertainty with high-quality seabed imaging. It functions as depressor of any side-scan sonar and is the optimum solution in terms of quality, efficiency and safety.

Continuous acquisition of accurate and comprehensive data

The intelligent control of the ScanFish Tropheus ensures that the ROTV together with the side-scan sonar mounted on the underside maintain a constant, fixed altitude in proportion to the seabed – and far closer than solutions without a depressor.

Add to this a high tow speed of up to 10 knots and the fact that the ScanFish Tropheus allows for continuous data acquisition, you are ensured more accurate and comprehensive data and thus extensively detailed images of any potential UXO targets.

Avoid risking your crew’s safety

The ScanFish Tropheus can be towed by an unmanned vessel. Consequently, you avoid having to pose the crew to any risks during the operation. All you need to do is define the altitude of the ScanFish Tropheus, and its motion, pressure and altitude sensors will do the rest of the job, ensuring high stability of the vehicle and sonar in the water.