SeaBat T20-R

The SeaBat T20-R is a new addition to the world-leading SeaBat T-series platform engineered from the ground up to evolve with your business.

Combined with a Rack-mounted Sonar Processor (RSP), SeaBat T20-R provides uncompromising survey data in a highly compact package designed for small vessel use.​

​​■ All-in-one, fully flexible and fully integrated survey system
■ The compact system allows for fast mobilization, minimal interfacing and extremely low space requirements
■ Impressively clean and high data quality for faster operational surveys and reduced processing time
■ Fully frequency agile from 190 to 420 kHz, allowing for improved swath performance and reduced survey time under challenging conditions
■ The new compressed water column data significantly reduces data volume while maintaining the required information

Key Features

​Integrated Inertial Navigation System

■ The solution includes a range of powerful software features at an attractive price, with the option for future feature expansions to grow with your needs.
■ The Rack-mounted Sonar Processor comes with an optional industry leading fully integrated Inertial Navigation System for accurate sensor time tagging and motion stabilization.
■ The SeaBat T20-R is designed for very fast mobilization on any type of survey vessels, securing minimal interfacing and low space requirements.