SeaKing Hammerhead

High Resolution Survey Sonar

Versatile and easy to use high performance survey sonar

The SeaKing Hammerhead Survey Sonar utilises a wide transducer aperture, very fine mechanical step size and proven digital sonar technology to create high resolution imagery. Using the 675kHz frequency it is possible to obtain an overview of the site at up to 100m range and the 935kHz frequency allows a very high resolution scan at a range up to 40m.

The latest addition to the SeaKing family of imaging scanning sonars, the Hammerhead can easily be networked with other SeaKing equipment.

Combining a resolution twice that of other mechanical sonars, and an ultra-narrow horizontal beam angle, the dual frequency

SeaKing Hammerhead is a truly versatile survey sonar. To complete the package a fully integrated attitude sensor and compass are included to enable accurate logging of survey data.

The Hammerhead can also be integrated with Tritech sonars from the SeaKing or SeaPrince range.