SeaKing SBP

Parametric Sub-Bottom Profiler

Innovative multi-element composite transducer array

The specially designed transducer enables the echosounder to emit very low frequencies whilst minimising the size of the overall unit. Producing a 20kHz pulse, the system is capable of penetrating the seabed and highlighting structural differences that are hidden from view to conventional echosounders.

If you need to obtain a clear picture of what lies below the seabed, look no further than the SeaKing Parametric Sub-Bottom Profiler from Tritech. Sub-bottom profiling is now possible from this compact, low power, unit. Ideal for ROV and AUV use.

Part of the SeaKing range of sensors the Parametric Sub-bottom Profiler is easy to integrate into a sensor network using ARCNET or serial communication protocols. This allows all of the data from the suite of sensors to be displayed on one Surface Control Unit (SCU).

The display allows the operator to view the raw 200kHz seabed profile or choose to view the 20kHz sub bottom layers produced by the parametric pulse or view both at the same time.