SeaKing Towfish

Side Scan Sonar

Compact, lightweight, easy to deploy and easy to recover

The SeaKing Towfish is designed for a wide range of seabed surveys and inspection duties. The 325kHz frequency has a maximum operational range of 200m on each side. The sonar combines the latest digital sonar electronics with industry leading transducer design and digital CHIRP signal processing techniques to dramatically improve range resolution and generate sonar images of unprecedented clarity.

The SeaKing Towfish is an extremely compact and cost effective, high definition side scan sonar. The sonar is designed to be easily deployed by hand and operated by a single person or in small boats making it ideal for inshore and coastal applications. Additionally the sonar has a weak link and safety recovery line, so if it hits an obstruction the weak link will break but the sonar will not be lost. Fitted with durable polycarbonate stabiliser fins the sonar has excellent stability under all towing conditions. In the event of ground contact the fins will break away but are retained for recovery by a shock cord.

As part of the SeaKing range the Towfish can be connected to a Surface Control Unit (SCU) or through a SeaHub. Using Tritech software it is also possible to incorporate Global Positioning System (GPS) data to allow an accurate fix on the sonar records. The sonar data can be viewed live, stored for later usage or exported to CSV, XTF, TIFF, GEOTIFF and KMZ formats.