Marine Magnetometer

One Man Operation
12 kgs (27 lbs) for the mag
7 kgs (15 lbs) for a 50m (164 ft) tow cable

Proven High Sensitivity
Don’t just take our word for it. We put our sensors through rigorous independent testing by a world authority belonging to INTERMAGNET – the global network of observatories, monitoring the Earth’s magnetic field.

Unmatched Absolute Accuracy
At 0.1 nT SeaSPY2 is orders of magnitude more accurate than any other mag, ensuring that you always get the best possible data. Excellent accuracy characteristics and unmatched repeatability between sensors also improves the quality of gradiometer data.

No Heading Error
No matter how our sensors are oriented, successive survey lines match up perfectly. You’ll produce better quality magnetic maps and won’t lose what you’re looking for in mismatched survey lines. Heading error is an offset in the mag data caused by changing direction with each survey line.

Survey in Any Direction, Anywhere in The World
There are no limitations with our omnidirectional Overhauser sensors. They will collect good, accurate data anywhere –they don’t have a dead zone. The dead zone is the angular region of magnetometer orientation in which the instrument produces poor or no measurements.

Sleek Design
Since you don’t have to orient our sensors, SeaSPY2 has a sleek design that resists snags and minimizes impacts. The polyurethane coated tail with molded fins acts as a bumper, while creating a stable towing platform.

Works Instantly On Power-Up
SeaSPY2 works instantly on power-up in cold, deep water without requiring warm up. Data collected at  40°C will be identical to data collected at +60°C.

Maintenance Free Overhauser Sensors
Our sensors are omnidirectional, maintenance free, and do not require realignment, or recalibration. Plus they don’t contain any consumable parts, or toxic chemicals.