SIR® 4000

The SIR®4000 is GSSI’s premier GPR control unit designed to operate with analog and digital antennas. This controller bridges the legacy of our traditional analog antennas and our new digital offerings. This evolutionary step allows for true system flexibility by supporting a wide range of users across numerous applications. Coupling a large color display with a highly rugged design allows users to have a high performance GPR controller for everyday field applications.

The SIR 4000 Advantage
The SIR 4000 offers a multitude of data collection modules, including Quick 3D, UtilityScan, StructureScan and Expert Mode. It also incorporates advance display methods and filtering capabilities for ‘in-the-field’ processing and imaging. The SIR 4000 also provides a simple user interface, plug-and-play GPS integration and convenient data transfer options.