Smart Kart 6

The Smart Kart 6 is a hydraulically powered, diver-operated underwater grooming and cleaning machine.

It is capable of performing in a safe, reliable, efficient and effective manner due to its clever design. This design is also able to minimise diver fatigue.

What makes our version of the brush kart smart, is down to its very specific and well-thought-out design. A design we have taken 25 years to perfect. Our smart design enables the diver operator to easily adjust settings on the machine to respond to the changing conditions encountered during the grooming/cleaning process. All the while, continuing to protect existing antifouling coatings and providing the diver with a machine that is easy and safe to handle.

The smart construction of the Smart Kart 6 incorporates the highest quality materials to minimise breakdowns/downtime due to unnecessary wear and tear.