SonarWiz Shuttle


The SonarWiz Shuttle System measures only 7.5”W X 10.6”D X 6.3”H. Shown here with optional Analog-to-Digital Interface, which is the smaller white product.

The SonarWiz Shuttle features a wide range of ports for a large variety of uses.

Chesapeake Technology can deliver our data acquisition and processing software SonarWiz, (and optionally NMEAWiz, and/or ImageToSEGY), in a very powerful yet compact integrated system. Use the SonarWiz Shuttle when you need a durable, high-performance computer system that’s designed for on-board use at an entry-level price.

The SonarWiz Shuttle System, measuring only 7.5”W x 10.6”D x 6.3”H (19cm x 27cm x 16cm) fits easily in a small backpack. In fact, we did just that during our first sea-trial of the SonarWiz Shuttle. The system, stowed in a backpack, was brought onboard our Alaska Airlines flight as carry-on luggage (although we can’t guarantee it will get through security today).