Super SeaKing DFP

Dual Frequency Profiling Sonar

Composite transducer technology for increased range and image resolution

The Super SeaKing dual frequency profiler uses the latest technological advances available in transducer design. A composite transducer technology has been used to ensure that this sonar offers substantially increased range and image resolution.

Using side lobe suppression techniques, improved signal to noise reduction and a reduced beamwidth the Super SeaKing dual frequency profiler provides high quality profiling in a compact mechanical scanning sonar.

The Super SeaKing profiler uses a 1.1MHz operating mode for high accuracy work at short ranges or in clear water.

Additionally the Super SeaKing profiler is a dual frequency device, and when required a 0.6MHz operating mode can be used in water containing suspended particles. The lower frequency can also be used if longer ranges are required.

As part of the SeaKing suite of survey sensors the Super SeaKing dual frequency profiler can run simultaneously with a number of SeaKing sensors on one network.