Super Seaking DST

Dual Frequency Digital CHIRP Sonar

Advanced CHIRP signal processing for clear and high resolution imagery

The Super SeaKing DST is a digital CHIRP dual frequency sonar capable of operating at 325kHz or 675kHz. When operating at 325kHz, the sonar has a true operational range of 300m. Switching to 675kHz, the same sensor is capable of providing a high definition image of shorter range.

The very latest is composite transducer and Compressed High Intensity Radar Pulse (CHIRP) technology has been used to produce advanced Super SeaKing DST dual frequency CHIRP sonar. This market leading product delivers the clearest image available, at operating ranges previously unobtainable.

CHIRP technology dramatically improves the range resolution, providing greater definition at long range, compared with conventional sonars. Resolution can be improved by a factor of five times.

The Super SeaKing DST is the standard obstacle avoidance sonar for many global ROV fleets. In addition, a modular transducer design and long life slip ring assembly have been introduced to minimise potential for operational damage and to further improve upon the SeaKing’s excellent reliability.

The product is available in both 4,000m or 6,800m depth ratings with various connector options to suit your operations. It is ideally suited for ROV/AUV avoidance, target recognition and harbour surveillance operations.