Towfish SK150

SeaKing Side Scan Sonar

Deeper tow side scan sonar system

As part of the Tritech SeaKing range of devices the SK150 is easy to integrate with other SeaKing sensors to provide a complete survey package. Additionally the SK150 can be connected to a Surface Control Unit (SCU) or SeaHub where data from a GPS device can be combined with the sonar records to allow accurate fixing of features on the sea floor. The sonar data can be viewed live or recorded for later viewing or export to a variety of formats such as XTF, TIFF, GeoTIFF and Google Earth kMZ.

The SeaKing Towfish SK150 has been specifically designed to fly at depths of up to 120m. This means the SK150 can be used for high resolution survey at depths lighter systems cannot reach.

Combining the very latest in digital sonar technology with industry leading transducer design and digital CHIRP signal processing techniques dramatically improves range resolution and generates sonar images of unprecedented clarity. The advanced transducer assembly provides superior image quality and long range.

With a simple, modular, design the SK150 provides increased reliability and facilitates infield repairs should any damage occur during operation. All the electronic equipment is located in a single pressure housing isolated from the rest of the towfish. The stabilising fins can be easily replaced and a simple shear and recover mechanism is provided in the event of the SK150 becoming snagged.

The SK150 is easy to deploy and recover and is fully compatible with all Kiltec and Easyreeling electric winches.