Trawl-Resistant Bottom Mounts

These rugged deployment products are designed to protect instrumentation in areas where trawling is a concern. The AL-200 and AL-500 Trawl-Resistant Bottom Mounts (TRBMs) consist of a buoyant recovery pod designed to permit retrieval of all mounted instruments. The recovery pod is ejected from the base by a user-supplied acoustic release and trails a Spectra recovery line that is attached to the base. The aluminum base can then be winched aboard. Disposable concrete bases can also be provided depending on bottom conditions.

Conditional upon the specific requirements, acoustic recoverable systems are offered for deployment depths of up to 1000 meters. All models feature a special grade of high impact DeepTec™ syntactic foam and 5000 series aluminum construction. Adjustable amounts of lead ballast in the base allow the in-water weight of the TRBM to be tailored to specific bottom conditions.

The AL-200 is designed for use with smaller, high frequency ADCP/ADP’s. In the proper configuration and ocean conditions it can be free-fall deployed or lowered to the bottom. The double axis gimbal keeps the doppler oriented to vertical. Ideal for depths to 200 meters.

The AL-500 is a larger version of the AL-200 designed to accommodate larger, low frequency ADCP/ADPs. A recoverable aluminum base can be used for deployment to 500 meters. Disposable concrete bases are available for deployments to 1000 meters.