Underwater NDT & Inspection Equipment

Multigauge 3000 Underwater Gauge

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges

■ Ignores coatings using multiple echo
■ Pressure tested to 500m (Multigauge 3000)
■ Depth Rating from 1000m to 4000m (Multigauge 4000 ROV

■ Bright clear LED display
■ Easy to use
■ No fuss upgrade option to a topside repeater
■ Rugged and robust
■ Intelligent probe recognition (IPR)
■ Automatic measurement verification (AMVS)

Multigauge 4000 – ROV Gauge

H1 Buckleys Bathycorrometer

The Bathycorrometer is an advanced, hand held, diver operated unit providing a consistent way of determining the corrosion of subsea structures.

AC Spark Testers 

To detect defects in fabrications, coatings and linings on conductive materials

ASAMS manufactures Underwater MPI system for crack detection. Investment in research and development has resulted in the company producing:
System 12 a new 12 volt DC battery powered underwater magnetic particle inspection system which does not require any umbilical connection
to the surface

System 3 MPI system with 200 meters umbilical