WindObserver IS

Ultrasonic Anemometer

Intrinsically Safe Anemometer for Hazardous Areas

The WindObserver IS is an Intrinsically Safe anemometer, developed specifically for use in hazardous areas and in particular for offshore applications.

The system combines the latest development in technology with Gill’s considerable expertise in the production of solid state anemometers. The Intrinsically Safe WindObserver is a lightweight, robust unit, completely sealed and constructed in stainless steel.

With a low start-up speed (0.01 m/s) and no moving parts, the WindObserverIS Intrinsically Safe anemometer exhibits significant benefits over standard three cup anemometers. This Intrinsically Safe anemometer has Atex and IECeX certification to ensure the wind system may be deployed on a worldwide basis without the need for expensive local certification.